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From Unifin International comes ForZair™ Mobile Transformer Oil Coolers. What our customers have told us, is that they need a product that is quick to select with known pricing, units that can be delivered quickly and at low cost.

ForZair™ is the answer.

ForZair™ Mobile Transfer Oil Coolers have configurable designs with reputable high quality that leads to fast delivery and low cost. Designs are known at time of quote from detailed selections that take only minutes to prepare. Products can even be ordered by model number.

Features and Options

  • Standard Cooler Sizes
  • 125 kW-750 kW Performance Range
  • 2 Fan Configuration
  • 65-79 dB Noise Ratings
  • Oil Flows 200 usg/m-650 usg/m
  • TOR 35°C - 63°C
  • Based on Unifin's extruded Aluminum Finned Tubing or a Plate Fin Design to provide exceptional performance and durability
  • Same end connections
  • Various nozzle sizes
  • Designed to work with Cardinal transformer oil pumps
  • Galvanized Finish (standard). Paint options for chemical aggressive environments (2 part epoxy) and durable 3 part system used in marine environments (coastal duty)
  • Cooler clean to ISO Standards
  • Nitrogen filled for shipment
  • Motors selected for demands of outdoor transformer service
  • Fully welded header or bolted header for multi-pass designs

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